Day by Day, Year by Year

The seeds of the Holocaust began with the evolution of Adolf Hitler's maniacal dreams based on his interpretation of Germanic history, the quest for the "Aryan ideal", and a lust for power.

By 1934, one year after he rose to Chancellorship, Hitler began to implement the pieces of his strategy to take over Europe, expand his race, and eradicate the Jewish population; Man, woman and child alike.

Along the way, countless millions of others, Gypsies, sympathisers, American, British, Free French and Russian troops, and scores of other races and nationalities also paid the price of standing in the way of Hitler's ambitions with their lives.

Go to any year of the Time Line, experience and learn about the events leading up to and during the Holocaust. Then make sure you go to the Kadish Light and add a Kadish flame to the Memorial Scroll.

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