January 30, 1937: As part of his speech covering four years of economic, national and foreign affair victories, Hitler addresses Reichstag and calls for withdrawal of German signature from the Versailles Treaty. "The time of so-called sunrises has been ended."Germany begins overt and outright preparation for Hitler's military goals.


August 16, 1937: British journalist, Norman Ebbutt expelled from Germany. Source to Britain (though most often not printed,) of true German intentions.

June 24, 1937: Secret directive given to head of each service of German Armed Forces to prepare for mobilization in case of attack. Among the directives; ‘Two eventualities for war was spelled out based on two fronts.' ‘Czechoslovakia must be eliminated from the very beginning and occupied.' ‘England, Poland, Lithuania, take part in a war against us.'

September 25, 1937: Outfitted in new uniform, Mussolini visits Hitler in Germany. Treated like a conquering hero.

September 28, 1937: In front of 1,000,000 people in Berlin, Mussolini and Hitler give speeches.

September 29, 1937: Hitler shows off his Army, Navy and Air Force to Mussolini. Mussolini returns to Italy sure that his alliance with Hitler is the right thing.

November 5, 1937: Decisive moment in history. Hitler lays out the core of his policy to his military leaders. "The aim of the German policy was to make secure and to preserve the racial community and to enlarge it. It was a question of SPACE." "Germany had the right to greater living space...and its future was whole conditional upon the solving of the need for space." Two countries stood in Germany's way: Britain and France. Hitler details a broad plan for war and preparedness against France, Britain, Italy, and Russia, and analysis each country's military and political position. THE DIE IS CAST: HITLER WILL GO TO WAR.

November 6, 1937: Mussolini gives Ribbentrop his approval of Hitler's plans for Austria. "Let events (in Austria) take their natural course.

November 8, 1937: ‘The Eternal Jew' exhibition opens in Nuremberg. Portrays the Jew as the leaders of international Bolshevism, dedicated to destroying Germany.

November 9, 1937: General von Fritsch, at the beckoning of other military leaders, tries to dissuade Hitler from his aggressive course of action towards war.

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