January 30, 1938: Hitler celebrates 5th year of his coming to power.

February 4, 1938: "From now on I take over personally the command of the whole armed forces." Hitler meets with entire Cabinet and decrees his sovereignty over all those who oppose him. Hitler cleans military and political house. Puts all his loyalist into positions of power, subordinate to his own.

February 5, 1938: "STRONGEST CONCENTRATION OF ALL POWERS IN FUHRER'S HANDS." Headlines in the Voelkisher Beobachter.

February 12, 1938: Hitler meets with Chancellor Schuschinigg of Austria, claiming that the acts of Austria are treasonous. Hitler puts forth extreme written demands designed to make way for Nazism in Austria. Hitler threatens to end a civil relationship between their two countries.

February 15, 1938: Austrian government declares a general amnesty for Nazis.

February 20, 1938: Hitler addresses Reichstag and serves notice that the future of Austria and the Sudeten Germans are in the direct interest of Nazi Germany. Hitler forces the Chancellor to sign a demand filled agreement designed to make the way for a Nazi push into Austria.

March 11, 1938: German army enters Vienna. Austrian Jews instantly deprived of all civil rights. Physical and mental oppression of Austrian Jews begins. Austria ceases to exist as it was known.

April 1, 1938: 39,255 Jewish-owned businesses left of originally 100,000.

May 1938: The concentration camp Buchenwald opens up.

May 28, 1938: Frankfurt. Caricatures of Jews drawn with insulting inscriptions on Jewish shop windows. Gangs threaten Jews to move out of Frankfurt.

June 9, 1938: Main Synagogue in Munich is burnt down. 2,000 Jews throughout Germany are arrested and are sent to concentration camps to do hard labor.

July 29, 1938: Dr. Friedreich Gernsheim and his wife Rosa commit suicide.

August 10, 1938: Nuremberg Synagogue is burnt down.

September 29, 1938: The Sudentland is about to fall. Bowing to German pressure, France and Britain agree to the annexation of Czechoslovakia to Hitler. Slovakia feigns independence and becomes a satellite of Germany.

October 10, 1938: The Sudentland becomes part of Greater Germany.

October 21, 1938: Hitler declares to his military short range goals, 1) securing Germany's borders, 2) dismantling Czechoslovakia by the conquest of Bohemia and Moravia, 3) seizing the Memel Territory.

October 27, 1938: Hitler expels 18,000 Jews from Germany who were born in the former Polish provinces. The Jews are abused and tortured.

November 6, 1938: In reprisal for his family's torturous treatment of October 27, 1938, Hirsch Grynszpan shoots first German he sees, Ernst vom Rath, in German Embassy in Paris.

November 8, 1938: Wilfrid Israel calls on the British Embassy in Berlin in an attempt to repudiate Hirsch Grynszpan's actions of November 6, 1938.

November 9, 1938: Hitler retaliates for Von Rathe's Death from the November 6th shooting with an escalating wave of violence against the Jews who are inspiring a conspiracy against Germany.

November 10, 1938: KRISTALLNACHT. After 24 hours of nationwide violence, 91 Jews are killed, 30,000 arrested and sent to Dachau concentration camp. (Though most were released two or three months later,) and 8,000 evicted from Berlin. Tens of thousand shops and homes are broken into. 191 Synagogues are set afire by Nazi Storm troopers.

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