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Star Memorial
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Candle Memorial

Time Line- The Holocaust; 1934 - 1945.
Now Always And Forever - We are all survivors. Help build our roll call of names.
Memorial Scroll -
Kadish - Add a Kadish candle to the Memorial Scroll.
NAAF Ledger - Join our list of survivors, whether you are a relative, a survivor yourself, or know a survivor who has affected your life.

Many dedicated people and groups have contributed their time and expertise to present the NAAF Project. We thank them.
Many sources have been used to contribute the research necessary to create the NAAF Project.

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NAAF Project is an on-line memorial to the Holocaust. NAAF stands for Never Again, Always and Forever. The Project's goals is to use the Internet as a unique and eternal resource, presenting Holocaust fact and information to any person that has online access. The Memorial will grow over time as funding allows, and as more people become intimately familiar with the Site.

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